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Lital Shemesh’s Viral On-Air Gun Photos Spark Internet Buzz

Famous Israeli anchor Lital Shemesh is currently a hot topic in the media as her photo, carrying a gun during a live show, is going viral on the internet. The actions were the result of an attack by Hamas on Israel on October 7, 2023.

It prompted many people to carry weapons to protect themselves from any harm. Additionally, during that time, there was a rise in personal gun ownership in the country. Here, we will delve into the story and find out more about the viral photos. Keep scrolling-

Photos of Lital Shemesh carrying a gun on live TV dominate social media

As stated above, Lital Shemesh carrying a weapon on camera is grabbing all the limelight. According to news reports, she is a 34-year-old reporter and journalist who has completed her education with an MA in American Jewish Studies.

Lital Shemesh has lost one of her family members to a terrorist attack. It is reported that the attack claimed the lives of two Jewish people, including her relatives Shay Silas Nigrekar and his son Aviad. No information is available about her marital status.

She is best known for appearing on Channel 14 as a right-leaning host. She has strongly supported her country during the attack by Hamas. Her viral photos have sparked a debate on social media.

In the photo, she can be seen sitting on a chair with a gun tucked at the back of her pants. The gun is perfectly placed next to a microphone receiver and other equipment. Additionally, a male reporter can also be seen sitting right next to her with a similar object behind his back. Many users are speculating that the object might be a gun too.

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