“Did you f*** Tom Brady’s wife?” N3on and Antonio Brown’s Interview Sparks Outrage Online

Rangesh “N3on” Mutama recently had the opportunity to interview the famous NFL player Antonio Brown.

Both of them had their fair share of controversy in the past.

Antonio appeared in a recent Livestream session N3on was looking forward to, eager to learn some NFL skills.

N3on and Antonio Brown’s interview sparks controversy

Soon, things took a surprising turn when N3on asked about Antonio’s biggest controversy involving sleeping with Tom Brady’s ex-wife.

The streamer, dressed up in football pads, asked the former Pittsburgh Steelers wide receiver.

“I mean I’m just gonna ask it. Did you f*** Tom Brady’s wife?”

Initially Brown did his best to avoid answering the question but later put on a mischievous smile and stated-

“You can’t ask a man about his needs.” 

Seeing his reaction, N3on said:

“Did you? Did you? He did!” 

Back in 2022, a post went viral on the internet featuring Antonio in bed with a blonde lady who looked like Tom Brady’s ex-wife, Brazilian fashion model Gisele Bündchen.

The picture quickly caused a scandal, with many claiming that Gisele was cheating on her husband. Later, it was confirmed that it was not Gisele Bündchen.

During the live stream, they discussed a wide range of topics, including scandals involving Shannon Shape and Adin Ross.

Besides that, during a recent interview, he talked about the post he made related to Gisele.

“I used his [Brady’s] wife’s picture for some entertainment and some, like you said, I didn’t always do the right thing as a man when I felt emotional, especially the way they left me. I did a little bit of immaturity with it, getting back in regards to trying to make him feel how I felt. I did it, so it’s hard to do something and say you apologize … They jacked my baby mama every time, so it is what it is. It was entertainment.”

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