OnlyFans Model Corinna Kopf Involved In Online Scandalous Controversy After Video Leak

Onlyfans is a social media platform where users can pay to subscribe to exclusive and spicy content of their favorite creators. The platform gained loads of users back in the year 2020 when people were in their houses because of the lockdown. Ever since then people have still using OnlyFans and there are loads of new creators joining in the bizz every day.

Corinna Kopf Gets Involved In Controversy After Video Leak

Credit- @corinnaposts/ Instagram

The downfall to the app is, that things can get leaked out easily as people screenshot or use other devices to take pictures and leak them out. It causes loss of income, degradation of mental health, and defamation of the person whose media is being shared.

Corinna Kopf who’s a social media influencer and knows her streams of games, is the West victim of the OnlyFans data breach issue. A video of Corinna being sexually intimate with a man has gone viral all over the internet. Even though the clip is only 10 seconds long, people did not blackout of sharing it all over.

Credit- @corinnaposts/ Instagram

The guy who she was with is unidentified, but it is suspected it’s not her boyfriend’s and she’s taking part in infidelity now. There have been reports of her cheating on her boyfriend in the past as well. Based on that record, people were quick to assume that she was doing it already.

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Her boyfriend, Ross is also a YouTuber, he is known for his game-streaming videos which he posts regularly to interact with his fans on a more personal level increasing engagement on his account. Though Corinna did not release an official statement regarding this fiasco, she did post ‘im sorry and ‘I love you’ on her Instagram story which does hint towards her cheating on her boyfriend, Ross. Nothing has been confirmed officially yet though.

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