Who is Óscar Curi, and Why Did He Fake His Death in India?

Óscar Curi is a Peruvian TikToker who caused a big controversy on social media, which has netizens fuming. Who is Óscar Curi and what did he do to cause a big controversy? Continue reading this write-up to learn about the whole episode.

Óscar Curi is a Peruvian TikToker who regularly uploads videos on the social media platform. Recently, he visited India and uploaded a number of videos chronicling his visit to India. He posted some caustic comments about food in India and said that the food made him feel bad.

According to several international media, the TikToker had faked his death and was admitted to a private hospital. He later warned tourists visiting India not to eat such types of food. However, what has caused a big uproar is Óscar Curi faking his death on social media. That news has not been confirmed; however, it is a trend.

Óscar Curi’s friends announced his death, but the news has not been verified. Probably the stunt was devised to gain some cheap publicity and gain likes. This fact has been endorsed by many netizens who said that they doubt Óscar Curi’s death and it could have been a ploy to gain publicity. Netizens also accused the TikToker of prejudice against india given the fact that the death hoax happened just after his rant against consuming Indian food.

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