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PM Modi’s Visit To Lakshadweep Island In 2024, Sparks Up Debates Against Maldives Tourism

We all love a hearty beach vacation, tropical cocktails to sip on, a wide beach hat, and some flowy clothes to suit the mood. Recently PM Narendra Modi went on his beach vacation to Lakshadweep Island, India. Where he also posted several pictures of the scenic view and him trying other activities.

PM Modi’s Visit To Lakshadweep Island In 2024

Those posts received worldwide attention but also caused a debate which included the effect on the Maldives tourism. As it is already known most Indian celebs and tourists visit Maldives for the classy, private, scenic beach vacation experience. Even the nation allowed Indian passengers seamless entry without any visa.

Over the last few years, Maldives has experienced a spike in tourism because of the influx of new tourists in the country. After PM Modi posted the pictures of ‘Lakhadweep’ island’s search history has a huge increase. A debate happened on Twitter where people claimed that Maldives is better than Lakshadweep.

Indians however did not tolerate this behavior by sitting back. They started creating memes out of this situation which also had headlines relating to the ‘boycott Maldives’. They also made out a meme that includes the Paresh Rawal template to leave the humor in this whole internet brawl.

This online debate led the Gievrmoner of Maldives MP Zahid Rameez to become involved in it. In one of his tweets relating to this issue, it is stated that people are being delusional by comparing Lakshadweep to Maldives.

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However, there is a reason behind Modi’s visit to this place. He is on a mission to increase the tourism of the island. He has also planned loads of improvements in the infrastructure on the island to attract more profits and economy in the nation. He has announced a budget of Rs 1,150 crore dedicated to improving Lakshadweep island and making it the next tourism hub in India.

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