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Prince Adrian Dagdag Viral Video Captures A Moment Of Conflict

Prince Adrian Dagdag is a well-known entrepreneur and philanthropist who is known for his volunteer work and more. Prince Adrian Dagdag is also famous because of his stunning looks, where he has his admirers smitten with him for his stunning looks!

Prince Adrian Dagdag Viral Video


He has been the internet crush for loads of people for the longest time and this time he has gone viral again, but some some different reasons. Prince Adrian Dagdag who is known for his stunning looks and philanthropic nature I going viral on the internet, and this time sites because a viral video that is circulating on the internet shows him in an amomnt of heat and conflict.

The video was taken in a nightclub named, Manila, and as we all know nightclubs are the hub of some intense issues between drunk people who are in the mood to fight off their stress. Prince Adrian Dagdag is seen in the video sharing a very heated moment with someone, though the reason for the conflict has not been known yet fans are sharing the link to the video online and circuiting to get to the root of the cause.


One bad side of being famous on social media is getting filmed in the best and the worst moments publically which might hamper the public image of the person. Without knowing the cause of the issue Pipe Online has sided with their assumptions. Some think Prince is in the conflict because did something wrong as here’s rich and smug, while some believe it happened because the other person might have ‘pissed’ him off.

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However, everything is still closed and the mystery remains the same here, Prince Adrian Dagdag is still viral on the internet and fans are concerned about his safety. Prince Adrian Dagdag has not released an official statement regarding this video leak and we await his release regarding this.

Shreshtha Banerjee

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