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Selena Gomez Deletes Her Spectacular Selfies On Instgaram, Hate Comments Are The Probable Reason



Selena Gomez Deletes Her Spectacular Selfies On Instgaram Due To Hate Comments

Selena Gomez made a jaw-dropping statement when she posted two selfies of herself on her Instagram page. However, moments after that, she also ended up deleting the pictures.

In the pictures, she had her hair open, red lipstick probably from Rare Beauty, and her bandeau black top.

The whole ensemble was perfect where she could show her curves and attract loads of attention online.


However, there’s no specific reason as to why she deleted it, but as per reports and other tweets that are getting posted online, there might be a reason.

Selena Gomez Probably Deleted Selfies Due To Body-Shaming Comments

Selena has been gaining weight and she doesn’t have the ‘perfect’ body currently, and all that is because of lupus, a disease which causes weight gain and extreme pain in the body.

Selena did say in her live that she’s a little bigger now because she enjoyed herself a little too much during the holidays.


Selena also shared a picture of her in a bikini where she said that she will never be that size again. There are many comments that shame Selena for her body currently and the fact that she is gaining weight.

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However, there are also positive comments that are standing by Selena and are loving the fact that the Hollywood star is embracing her ‘real’ body and is now setting a new standard!


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