Vince McMahon’s Crying Video Goes Viral On Twitter, Know Why The WWE Co-Founder Got Emotional

Vince McMahon, the co-founder of WWE, has recently captured the attention of internet users because a a certain crying video that has gone viral. The video, which features McMahon, has created a lot of online buzz and inspired many memes.

People online literally wait to grasp the perfect moment to crop out and make memes out of it. Sometimes they don’t even understand the full context behind it and just grasp the ‘funny’ part to make fun of the person.

Watch Vince McMahon’s viral crying video

The Vince McMahon Crying meme is a relatively new meme that has gone viral on the internet. Vince McMahon, the co-founder of WWE, is featured in this sensational viral video, especially in his tearful moments.

These clips have generated a lot of online debate and have been used to make a variety of Vince McMahon GIFs, which are currently being posted extensively on a number of websites.

Vince McMahon Gets On Headline Because Of His Viral Teary-Eyed Video

Vince McMahon’s already prominent online profile has grown even more due to the viral video of him crying. Throughout his career, he has been in a number of memes, some of which highlight his surprise appearances and money-related gestures.

But unlike the comical depictions of McMahon that have previously appeared online, this latest meme has a more sentimental theme. Beyond this viral video, many people are interested in McMahon because they want to know about his financial circumstances. McMahon’s net worth is thought to be around USD 270 crore.

Starring Mark Calaway, commonly referred to as “The Undertaker,” in the documentary show “Undertaker: The Vince McMahon Last Ride”, the poignant video comes from the second episode of 2020. McMahon was asked about The Undertaker’s significance to WWE and to him personally during an interview.

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In response, McMahon broke down in tears and lost the ability to respond directly. Rather, he made a gesture toward the interviewer that said he couldn’t go on. A wrestling match between McMahon and Andre the Giant was also featured on the episode.

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