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VIRAL VIDEO: Mitch Jones Accuses OTK Co-Founder Mizkif of Assault



Mitch Jones accuses OTK co-founder Mizkif of physically assaulting him. Read to know the full story

YouTuber Mitch Jones accused Twitch streamer Matthew “Mizkif” of physically assaulting him in an incident that occurred in 2023. He further showcased photos where bruises can be noticed on his head and neck area caused by the assault.

He also shared CCTV footage of their fight happening on the streets. The news has become a hot topic among the internet community. Both of them had friendly relationships in the past but the recent video says otherwise.

Mitch Jones in the viral clip states that the assault was so severe that he had multiple serious injuries. The video released on his YouTube channel is generating millions of clicks and views. The public in the comments has started a debate on who to believe.


Watch the viral video of Mitch Jones and Mizkif

Mitch Jones in the video says,

“I need to talk about something pretty serious. This situation has been f**king me for months and I still have lasting issues from the situation – physically, emotionally, mentally, whatever. Career-wise, it is affecting my entire life. Mizkif physically assaulted me to the point that I was told I might have to have surgery on one of my arteries, and I still have a concussion.”

In the CCTV camera footage shown in the video, both of them can be seen arguing and later the video cuts off. The supposed assault was not shown in the video. Mitch shouts-

“You’re trash! You want me to do it again, huh? You said you can take me seven times. You even listen to yourself. You’re drunk and on c**aine. I tried talking to you as a friend and you’re treating me like s*t. You make me want to Kill myself! And all you can say is ‘F**k you!’”

Fans are asking Mitch to upload the entire video. Clips where the assault can be seen, are the only way people could trust that Mizkif hurt him.


The complete CCTV footage would be able to clarify his claims and other speculations. Some users are criticizing his actions as attention-seeking tactics and labeling him a lair.

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