WATCH: Jeep Stuck In Mud Chain Break Incident Video Goes Viral On Twitter, Reddit

The internet is buzzing again. An old video of a Jeep stuck in mud has been going viral on Twitter and Reddit. Suddenly the chain pulling it out breaks down leaving the public in distraught. As per news reports, the video is quite old but has suddenly resurfaced.

Initially, it was first released on Reddit but later spread to other social media handles. Just type “Jeep Stuck In Mud Chain Break Incident” and you will find many related links. 

Well, the video has once again gone viral on the internet but only a little information related to the video is available. No one knows where the video is from, or who the driver is. 

WATCH: Jeep Stuck In Mud Chain Break Incident Video Viral

Even on social media, you will surely see the videos as it is trending on many platforms, plus the public is also sharing their reaction. Many are shocked to see how powerful they pull the vehicle, but it still breaks. While others are scared after watching it. Some have commented it  “sad and terrifying.”

Two years ago the video was first posted by a username u/james244568 with the caption- “Chain snaps and hit the bottom jaw of a man, guys be safe out there.”

Jeep Stuck In Mud Chain Break Incident

In the video, you can clearly see a heavy truck pulling another vehicle out of the mud through chains. As it starts to pull, the chain breaks, shattering the windshield. 

Jeep Stuck In Mud Chain Break Incident

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In the first instance, the video might scare you. Many have called it disturbing and sensitive. Netizens on the internet have sparked a debate on what actually happened to the truck and the vehicle.

Many are also curious about the driver whose identity is still a mystery. Above all, some things still need to be answered. 


Where can I watch the video?

The video is available on YouTube and can be viewed by searching “Jeep Stuck In Mud Chain Break Incident” or by visiting the direct link: Watch Video.

What is the “Jeep Stuck In Mud Chain Break Incident” video?

The video shows a Jeep stuck in mud being pulled by a heavy truck with chains. As the truck pulls, the chain breaks, causing distressing scenes and sparking discussions online. The video is old but has recently resurfaced and gone viral on social media.

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