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Israel Trejo Guy With Axe Cideo, Tulsa Attack Clip Goes Viral on Twitter, Reddit

A video is going viral on Twitter showing an Israel Trejo guy wielding an axe. The disturbing video shows a victim being killed with an axe’s blade. The violence as well as the graphics in the clip has made viewers sad and disturbed.

Here we will be diving into the story and finding out what exactly is happening in the world. Keep on scrolling- 

What is the Israel Trejo guy with axe video as the Tulsa attack goes viral on Twitter and Reddit?

Watch the video of Israel Trejo guy attacking with an axe

If you are on the Internet, you must have noticed the rise of war-related videos on social media platforms like, Twitter and Instagram. Currently, social media is dominated by such videos. The origin of the clip is under suspicion. 

But early reports state that the video was shot back in 2022, and is of the case of popular ‘Tulsa axe murder’. As per media reports, the victim was identified as James Patterson, a resident of Riverhead who later shifted to Oklahoma. In the viral video, you can see he was casually sitting on a couch when he got attacked by an Israel Trejo guy with an axe. 

What is the Israel Trejo guy with axe video as the Tulsa attack goes viral on Twitter and Reddit?

The culprit named Israel Trejo can be seen holding an axe in a living room that he bought from the shop. All of a sudden, he brings out the axe and attacks James while hitting him in the head. 

James suffered severe injuries due to assault. He fled the scene but later got arrested. He was charged with first-degree murder. Tulsa Police Department later confirmed the assault and charges. 

The video is currently trending all over the internet and it has left the public stunned and disturbed. The alleged attack perfectly shows what the human mind is capable of doing.

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