Will Levis and Gia Duddy’s Alleged Sex Tape Video Leaked, Viral on Twitter, Reddit

The end of the relationship with Gia Duddy happened when Titans quarterback Will Levis was riding a tide of success after getting much acclaim during the NFL Draft.

However today we are not going to talk about their relationship but on a purported sex video which was leaked on social media and went viral on platforms like Twitter and Reddit.

Is the video real or fake? Read on to no more about the unsavory incident.

Will Levis and Gia Duddy Alleged Sex Tape Video Leak Sparks Scandal

Both Gia Duddy and Will Levis are hugely popular.

Levis had a promising NFL career and gained much popularity during the NFL Draft.

He donned the role of starting quarterback for the Titans midway through the season and enamored his fans with his deft moves and never-say-die attitude.

On the other hand, Duddy was a well-known Instagram model and also an online influencer, who enamored her audience with excellent content related to fashion, lifestyle, and beauty.

However, things didn’t go as per the desire of the couple and culminated with their breakup.

Lewis stated that the decision was solely taken by him so that he could concentrate fully on his NFL career.

One fallback of this move was while Duddy’s online presence continued to rise; Levis experienced a decline in the draft.

Levis ended his relationship with his girlfriend of three years in February 2023.

The two had no inkling that fate would again bring them before one another and this time it was due to accusations from Reddit that they have an adult film floating around.

If anyone searches the purported video, they may come across it but it is impossible to confirm if it is Will Levi’s or Gia Duddy’s.

If the video is indeed of the couple it can throw up many uncomfortable questions of privacy being violated. 

If the video has been leaked by an outsider he could land in deep trouble and will face the full brunt of the law.

If the video has been leaked by either Levis or Duddy without consent it will remain a serious offense and an invasion of privacy.

Neither Duddy nor Levis have commented on this invasion of privacy. However, there are people who are saying that the video was leaked deliberately by Duddy to get even with Levis and gain some publicity in the process.

A BSO Investigation is underway.

The news about the sex tape was first broken by was first broken NFL insider Dov Kleiman who in the now-deleted post on X said-

 “Awful: Titans QB Will Levis and ex-girlfriend Gia Duddy’s s*x tape was allegedly leaked.”

He also warned that the distribution of the video is illegal.

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