Winter Outfit Inspo From Alia Bhatt, Priyanka Chopra, and Our Favorite Bollywood Girls

Winter might not be everyone’s favorite season, and during this season, warmth and coziness take precedence over fashion. As one gets ready for yet another period of cooler weather and chilly evenings, it may seem simple to choose the first set of cozy clothes, but picking the perfect combination of basics is progressively essential for appearing both carefree and relaxed. It’s crucial to have a selection of appropriate sweaters and fundamental covering items. Your new favorite pair of bottoms will be those composed of warmer textiles.

Bollywood Girls’ Inspired Winter Outfit Ideas

1. Hoodie

Sweatshirts are a casual favorite that might not be a fashionable haute alternative, but our Bollywood superstars concur that they are the comfiest of the bunch. However, one starlet who has frequently been photographed wearing cute hoodies is Anushka Sharma.


2. Puffer Jacket

Sara Ali Khan has frequently been spotted wearing puffer jackets, particularly when she is travelling internationally or to airports, and the red jacket is unquestionably one among our fav.


3. Blazer, A Little Oversized

Priyanka Chopra additionally frequently chooses a blazer as an essential piece of her wardrobe, wearing it with warm clothing such as a dress or a warm pullover when going out in public.


4. Overcoat

All Bollywood celebrities have previously appreciated this fashion and chosen bold overcoats. One such personality who promoted the coat and elevated it to a fashionable wardrobe must is Sonam Kapoor.


5. Sweaters

When it relates to the wintertime, what is cuter than sweaters? The three c’s are ideal for the lovely December temperature. Your motto when it relates to sweaters ought to be, cashmere, colored, and cable knit sweater! Alia Bhatt has repeatedly argued that cosy, vibrant sweaters should be a seasonal style need. She constantly wore outfits that seemed really easygoing, whether it was her most current black and white jumper or a coloured knit cardigan.


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