WATCH VIDEO: Twitch streamer xoAeriel Licks Seattle Gum Wall, Sparks Unhygienic Reactions

A video has been going viral on the internet showing famous streamer xoAeriel licking the famous Seattle Gum Wall. The video is spreading like wildfire on various social media platforms like twitter and reddit.

Back in 2021, xoAeriel shot to fame after starting streaming on Twitch.

The video has left the viewers stunned, as she can lick from an unhygienic gum wall. It has made the public really uncomfortable and asking her reason why she would do something like that. 

Watch the viral video of Twitch streamer xoAeriel licking Seattle gum wall

As the clip got millions of views and clicks, many have now made it a trend where you have to lick the Seattle gum wall. In the clip, there is a part where xoAeriel sucks a long piece of gum hanging from the wall. 

Initially, the video looks real and perfectly shows the steamer licking the used, glued gum on the wall but in reality, there is more to the story.

Did xoAeriel really lick the Seattle gum wall?

Well, the answer to the question is yes and no. She did suck a gum glued to the wall but the real story lies behind the scene. During an interview with  Dexerto, she stated- “It’s my own gum. I chewed over 100 pieces on Twitch Live to get enough gum to cover a large area. I then used gloves to place it on the wall. So, it’s still kind of disgusting and I did get really sick from it, but I didn’t actually lick random people’s gum.”

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But above all, you can’t deny the fact that licking gum from the wall is disgusting. The controversial video is trending all over the internet. Some of the users appreciated her action for performing such a daring stunt while some criticised her for doing such unthinkable acts. 

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