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11 Best 18+ Korean Movies Which You Can Watch With Your Partner

Many people rely on Hollywood to supply their dose of sensual and exciting erotic flicks, but they frequently ignore the options from nations like South Korea. With its rich narratives and skilled creative execution, South Korean erotica often exceeds expectations. With stunning camera skills and amazing storylines Korean movies are here to wow us. Not only do these films have some hot adult visuals, but also the storyline which will keep you on the edge (pun intended) constantly. Keep scrolling and check out the best 18+ Korean movies that you can watch with your partner for a sexy time together!

11 18+ Korean Movies:

1. Il Mare

A sweet love story between two people who keep up with their romance through love letters over the course of two years. The movie is regarded as one of the hottest Korean movies of all time. 

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2. Mood of the day

The cast of the film features Moon Che and Yoo Yeon Seok. If you are looking for a feel-good rom-com then this one is right on your alley. The songs of the movie are worth watching.

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3. Tune in for Love

A passionate love affair between a couple where fate separates them after their first encounter in the 1990s. The film perfectly shows how faith, trust and love are needed to make any relationship last long. 

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4. Lover’s Concerto

Everyone wants their partner to be in their control. This movie might change your mind regarding this ideology. The film explores the idea of jealousy, love and friendship. It is perfect for a date night movie. 

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5. ‘Obsessed’

“Obsessed,” a 1969 adult movie from South Korea, investigates an army officer’s affair with his colleague’s wife, which results in shocking revelations. The story is set after the Vietnam War. Kim-Dae Woo was the director, and it became well-liked and brought in $3.6 million at the box office.

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6. ‘Purpose of Reunion’

The movie wants to show more of a pair than just their sexual interactions by romanticizing their nontraditional bond.

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7. ‘A Good Lawyer’s Wife’

The complex familial dynamics are explored in this classic adult movie. The lawyer’s wife struggles with loneliness and has extramarital affairs, and other family members also experience mental health issues.

18+ korean movies - A Good Lawyer's Wife
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8. ‘Love Clinic’

The story of this one of the best 18+ Korean movies centres on a male gynaecologist and a female urologist who both struggle with a lack of sexual fulfilment. They often find that visible chemistry develops between them when they share a floor and a chamber.

18+ korean movies - Love Clinic
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9. ‘The Scent’

Kang Seon-woo, a private eye who specializes in adultery cases, is the subject of the movie. While injecting humor throughout the entire film, Kim’s direction creates a menacing undertone.

The Scent - 18+ Korean Movies
Image Courtesy: IMDb

10. ‘The Handmaiden’

One of the best 18+ korean movies, which is based on the book “Fingersmith,” takes place when Korea was under Japanese colonial control. In three discrete sections, “The Handmaiden” tells a story of royal intrigues and beguiling strategies.

18+ Korean Movies
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11. ‘Innocent Crush’

At a girls’ school, Jang Hyuk’s character Joon Ki teaches physical education. He starts an affair with one of his students despite being married and having a wife who is expecting. Their at-first harmless crush develops into an intense, obsessional love. In this compelling plotline, the film eloquently depicts the struggles a family-oriented individual faces.

18+ Korean Movies - Innocent Crush
Image Courtesy: IMDb

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