WATCH: Alora, Known as aloralynnsavasta3 on TikTok, Goes Viral for Video of Her Treating Her Boyfriend to a Lavish Meal

A clip is going viral on the internet by a TikToker named ‘aloralynnsavasta3’. The viral video features her treating her boyfriend to a lavish dinner while playfully asking him questions.

The video starts with both of them sitting at their kitchen table. A lot of food can also be seen on the table and the kitchen slab in the background. The girl asks, “Who has the best girlfriend ever?” to which he replies reluctantly, “I do.”

TikTok Goes Wild Over Alora’s Generous Meal for Boyfriend, Known as aloralynnsavasta3

“Who just bought you all this stuff?” she further asks, showing the amount of food which has been brought by her, including Chinese takeout. The guy says, “She did.” He further added, “My girl bought all of it, and I’m about to eat this, and then we’re gonna chow on that after,” he continues. “Happy Easter!”

“Yeah, but we’re not eating it all,” she states while continuing, “Just know that. ‘Cause we’ve got to save some, you know? Budget cuts.”

“Yeah,” he says nervously.

The moment video was posted, it went viral, sparking concern about his well-being. Netizens on X/Twitter have sparked a debate on whether he is held hostage by his partner. The comment section of the video is filled with questions about his situation.

One of the users wrote-  “blink twice if you need help” while the other wrote, “save him.”

As the video started to gain more attention on social media, netizens checked out some of her other TikTok reels. Soon, another video came into the limelight where the couple was talking, and the guy said, “This is my life, this is the way I live.”

Till now, there has been no update from Alora, aka aloralynnsavasta3, regarding the situation. There are also chances that the boyfriend might be happy with his partner; a single video can’t define the nature of their relationship.

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