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Bill Gates’ Collab With Dolly Chaiwala Takes The Internet By Storm



Bill Gates' Meet Up With Dolly Chaiwala Goes Viral On The Internet

And on today’s update, we bring you the collaboration we never really had in our checklist for the year 2024.

Bill Gates, who is the co-owner of the multi-billion dollar company, Microsoft has wowed fans all over with his sudden appearance in a tea stall.

The surprising part is not just the tea stall, but the fact that he is all set and very excited to be induced in some, ‘chai pe charcha’.


Dolly Chaiwala is a tea stall owner in Nagpur. Through the power of social media, he is already a niche micro-internet celebrity now. He is famous for his unique way of making tea and keeping all his customers happy. He is quite famous for his style and his fashion sense, as well.

Dolly is always seen wearing his iconic sunshades making him unique from everyone else. Bill Gates has visited India for the first time after the covid hiatus. He has stated that he is happy to be back in the country and he adores the country as it is the home of several innovators.

Bill Gates’ Meet Up With Dolly Chaiwala

He has also posted a video of him enjoying tea from Dolly’s stall.


The video has given rise to numerous memes online. Which also includes the famous, ‘bro promoted‘ meme template, the Marvel crossover, and more.

According to some netizens, It is refreshing to see that stall owners and entrepreneurs are getting the fame and spotlight that they deserve on social media because of their newfound ways to entertain customers and provide them with the best services.

When Dolly was asked about his experience by ANI he said,


“His team contacted me and flew me to Hyderabad for the project. Earlier, I was not aware of him (Bill Gates) and only got to know about how famous he is, a day after the video went viral.”

Good for you Dolly, good for you!

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(Some of the statements made in this article are the writer’s personal opinions and are included just to put some humor on board.)


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