‘Bro Was Zesty AF’ Fans Comment On Kai Cenat’s Snapchat Flower Filter Viral Video

It would be a delusional comment to make if we said that we did not cringe at least once when we saw an old picture/video of us or even heard our voice while we were recording something, right? We all have had some oops moments in the past which is cringe-worthy now, and when it comes to this topic, millennials are all in the same boat.

With trends coming and going, its fads fade away but the photos stay the same. Snapchat filters, hashtags, hairstyles, make styles, over the years we have all seen different changes. And, well, so did Kai Cenat.

Kai Cenat’s Snapchat Flower Filter Viral Video

A video of Kai Cenat is currently going viral all over social media. A fan had found that video out and posted it online, to make fun of him. But little did they know, that that video became the hub of an online troll towards Kai Cenat.

In the video Kai was seen wearing the Snachat classic flower tiara filter, truth be told it was imminently popular during the early 21st century.

Some people are brutally trolling the creator online for his ‘zesty’ behavior, which is slang used to describe effeminate men. While some are sort of considerate, stating that it’s not his fault for keeping up with the trend back in the times.

Kai Cenat is a very famous internet creator, He is known for his, ‘Just Chatting’ broadcast on Twitch, he also has over 9.2 million followers on that platform, making him a fan favorite. He has also appeared in the NBA All-Star Celebrity Game.

He is also seen with Adin Ross, IShowSpeed, and other creators during their online live streams and even when they’re all playing online games together.

(Some of the statements made in this article are the writer’s personal opinions and are included just to put some humor on board.)

Shreshtha Banerjee

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