Here’s What The TikTok Rizz Party Trend Is All About

The TikTok Rizz Party is as weird and somewhat uncool as it sounds! So the trend started back in May 2023, when user @23ryan_ shared a picture of a pamphlet that said an invite for TikTok Rizz Party.

He took a picture of that and shared it on his social media account, stating why did he not get an invite for this too. Ever since then, the term has been active but somehow irrelevant in some cases.

People on TikTok use it to prove they’re having some kind of private party just to stay woke. The phrase went underground when suddenly people found a new video to link it to. A group of boys was singing Kanye West’s song “Carnival.”

The TikTok Rizz Party Trend Meaning

So the account @islandentertainment posted the video, and they were primarily hired to cater and film videos for a 16-year-old girl’s birthday party. While they were enjoying, they shot a video of the boys enjoying and singing the song and posted that on their TikTok account. Ever since that, TikTok users have started making the video a prime example of Rizz Party.

They’re also claiming and trying to search who’s the group leader out of the singing group of boys. TikTok users are having fun with this whole new trend that is all over the internet. It is harmless, fun, and a great way to try and stay relevant in the era of digital convergence.

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TikTok trends don’t stay for too long. This trend is all about having fun. “Carnival” is definitely a very integral part of this video. TikTok is all about seeing the groups who are emerging with the same type of video to keep the hype alive. It’s a great way to promote Kanye’s new song after all.

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