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Ken Stornes: Norwegian Jumper Sets Death Dive World Record, Viral Video!



Watch Ken Stornes, Norwegian jumper creator of a world record for death dive, as the video goes viral on the internet 

Famous Norwegian jumper Ken Stornes, known for his death-defying stunts, recently set a world record with his infamous death dive. Renowned as crazy for his nail-biting videos, Ken’s fearless exploits gain millions of views on social media. Most stunts unfold against the stunning backdrop of his home country, Norway.

Disclaimer – This video showcases a highly skilled individual performing an extreme stunt. Do not attempt to replicate these actions without proper training and safety measures. The purpose is to highlight professional achievements, not encourage reckless behavior. Viewer discretion is advised. Always prioritize safety and seek professional guidance for any high-risk activities. The performers are trained experts, and the creators do not endorse or promote dangerous actions.

Let’s dive into the story and find out more about the viral death dive video of Ken Stornes. Keep on scrolling- 


Watch the viral Ken Stornes death dive video

The pinnacle of Ken’s daring feats surfaced in a viral clip on December 3, 2023. Standing at an automated ledge, he threw a large stone to showcase the depth before plunging into icy waters. Onlookers gathered as he executed the most daring and scariest stunt of his career.

Ken Stornes officially claimed the world record for the highest deep dive, measuring an astonishing 40.5 meters (132 feet). For context, fellow Norwegian Asbjørg Nesje held the record for the highest women’s death dive at 30.5 meters.

Captioning the video, Ken expressed pride in bringing the death dive world record back to Norway. User comments ranged from awe to concern, with some questioning the sheer audacity of such stunts.


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In the comment section, opinions varied. Questions like “How do you manage to make it through doing this?” and humorous remarks about the impact showcased the diverse reactions. Notably, one user speculated on the physical toll, humorously suggesting Ken’s “massive nuts” softened the impact.


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