WATCH: Controversial Streamer N3on And His Girlfriend Sam Frank Allegedly Arrested By Police In Dubai Stream

Famous Kick streamer Ragnesh ‘N3on’ has become a hot topic due to his controversial live-streaming with police officials in Dubai. The video of their interaction is going viral on the internet, sparking debate over the altercation.

On April 8, N3on, along with his girlfriend Sam Frank, was at Global Village in Dubai. According to Sportskeeda, the police authority demanded their identification before they could even start streaming. What began as a normal conversation soon turned into a sticky situation.

N3on stepped forward to calm the situation, expressing his willingness to coordinate with the officials and even agreed to stop the recording if it caused inconvenience.

Things started to go in a different direction when they got scared and asked if they were at risk of getting arrested. However, both parties cooperated, with the couple being escorted out later.

Controversial streamer N3on and his girlfriend Sam Frank Allegedly detained by Police

During the conversation, Sam Frank also apologized and tried to understand the entire situation by asking questions of the authorities.

N3on began to fear when he learned that he might be taken into police custody. He even said,

“Put the camera down. Okay. All cameras are off, I just want to let you know. We’re trying to work with you guys. I’m sorry.”

Seeing him like this, Sam Frank stated,

“If we can’t film it and it’s a problem, we can just leave if that’s… the people… I’m so sorry. Are we going to jail?”

Meanwhile, another video started to gain attention where N3on stated that the authorities had taken his passport right ‘after the incident.’ An attendant from the front desk had allowed him to film in the arena, saying,

“So basically – we were going to film here and then the guy at the front permitted us to film, and then he told the security guard. They took our passports.”

As of now, there has been no update on this matter.

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