Selena Gomez Addresses Rumors Based On Her Dating, Jack Schlossberg

Selena Gomez is currently under loads of speculation online. Rumors are flooding these days, including that she has dated Jack Schlossberg, grandson of President John F. Kennedy. The rumor is something very far-fetched as it includes the political scenario as well.

Usually, Selena is the person who’s very open about her relationship status. She is the best friend of Taylor Swift and she is known to be very active on her social media. There are times when she has publicly posted videos and pictures that suggest that she has turned off the signal and doesn’t want to be connected to it anymore.

Selena Gomez Addresses Dating Rumors

Selena Gomez currently is in a relationship with Benny Blanco who is also a known figure in the Hollywood media. However, in the rumours, Selena has stated and mentioned facts about it. Selena said that she has never met the human with whom the rumours started.

Under the post, she commented, “Never met this human sorry,” which cleared out the air about the rumours that are currently swarming the internet. Netizens online are also very confused about why the confusion and rumours about the topic even started. She is currently very happy with her boyfriend and recently she also posted a picture of them.

They are perfect couple goals and fans online are absolutely in love with the celebrity couple currently. Coming to Selena’s work she isn’t an interview with Billboard is that she is in the work with her new album.

She said,

“I feel like I’m brewing, and I’m in the process of really creating some great songs, hopefully. I don’t know if they would fit with what I’m gonna go with.” The owner of Rare Beauty Selena is currently an outstander, as her makeup products are also receiving hype worldwide.

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