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Vtuber Dokibird aka Selen Tatsuki’s Lunar New Year Return: Fans Await Celebration



Vtuber Dokibird's Lunar New Year Return: Fans Await Celebration

Independent Vtuber Dokibird, who is famous by her former name Selen Tatsuki, has announced her most awaited and anticipated return to streaming on February 7, 2024. She has aligned her comeback with the celebration surrounding the Lunar New Year. This announcement has been witnessed after a huge period of inactivity.

On social media, Vtuber Dokibird issued several statements where she explained her absence and also extended gratitude to her fans. Vtuber Dokibird’s comeback news was much anticipated following her ‘graduation’ in May 2021, which is “a term commonly used in Vtuber culture to signify the end of a character’s activities.”

The reason behind Dokibird’s hiatus was an extended hospitalization. In a series of posts on her X account, she openly discussed her hospitalization and included two voice tweets as well.


Despite the ordeal Vtuber Dokibird is facing in her personal life, she has yet again reconnected with her online supportive community. She started this phase of her reconnection in January 2024 by taking emote commissions, which is a famous type of digital art personalized for streamers and their followers.

Vtuber Dokibird Extending Gratitude To Fans

Dokibird on her X posts threads extended gratitude to her fans and followers for their never-ending and unwavering support at her lowest times. She also encouraged her fans to embrace happiness with a firm spirit in this new year.

However, more details about how she has planned to commemorate the upcoming Lunar New Year remain a mystery. On February 7, 2024, at 5 pm PT/8 pm ET, her fans can expect to participate in the celebration with her.


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Who is Dokibird? An Event Worth Celebration

Dokibird is popular for her art and gaming content. Hence, her followers have eagerly anticipated her return. The strong bond that she has embraced over the years with her followers has made her return a significant event of celebration in the Vtuber community.”


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