5 Entertaining Zakir Khan Web Series To Watch For A Humorous Time

Zakir Khan is probably the only guy who does not disappoint and makes us go like, “yaar yeh kitna awesome hai!” He rose to fame in 2012 following taking first place in a stand-up comedy competition on Comedy Central India. He also made an appearance on the humorous television show “On Air with AIB.” Khan produced three three-hour stand-up comedy specials: “Tathastu” in 2022, “Haq Se Single” in 2017, and “Kaksha Gyarvi” in 2018. They are accessible through Amazon Prime Video. Below mentioned are Zakir Khan’s 5 best web series to check out!

5 Zakir Khan Web Series:

1. ‘Kaksha Gyaravi’

Fans are transported back to Zakir Khan’s school days by his show. He discusses going to other schools, meeting friends, chatting with girls, and harassment. It’s amusing and offers helpful guidance.

Zakir Khan Web Series

2. ‘Haq Se Single’

A man who is pleased to be single is the subject of Zakir’s well-known stand-up routine. He has experienced disapproval, affection, heartache, and maturation. Knowing “Sakht Launda” will help you comprehend.

Haq Se Single

3. ‘Humorously Yours’

Amit Golani directed a program about Vipul Goyal, a stand-up comedian. His life’s issues are amusing. The program additionally features Rasika Duggal and Abhishek Banerjee as actors. Zakir Khan plays a manager who Vipul wishes to employ in one episode.

Humorously Yours

4. ‘Bhai Tumhara Superman’

At the Canvas Laugh Club, Zakir Khan gave a humorous performance. The 12-minute film was uploaded to YouTube in January 2019 and has received 11 million views. Watch his other programs, such as “Goa Mat Jana” and “WhatsApp Groups and Politics”.

Best Zakir Khan Web Series

5. ‘Chacha Vidhayak Hai Humare’

Together with Alka Amin, Pritha Bakshi, Vyom Sharma, and Zakir Hussain, Zakir Khan stars in a comedy series. The 26-year-old man in the episode fabricates information about his relatives. Due to his deceitfulness, he often finds himself in difficulty.

Chacha Vidhayak Hai Humare

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