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Dr. Tyler Bigenho’s Spine Adjustment and Alignment Video Goes Viral: Check Here



Dr. Tyler Bigenho's Spine Adjustment and Alignment Video Goes Viral: Check Here

A video has gained immense popularity on various social media platforms like X, formerly Twitter. The video showcases a renowned chiropractor, named Dr. Tyler Bigenho. Dr. Tyler Bigenho is famous for the development of educational materials.

Moreover, he is also renowned among young individuals for administering vigorous spinal adjustment. The video goes viral of him adjusting the spine of a young individual.

Dr. Tyler Bigenho’s Spine Adjustment Video Goes Viral

When the doctor used the procedure, it promptly generated a competitive and contentious response among netizens. Some individuals who saw the procedure accused Doctor Bigenho, by expressing their concerns for getting involved in morally questionable and risky conduct.

Dr. Tyler Bigenho's Spine Adjustment and Alignment Video Goes Viral: Check Here

When the video went viral, Dr. Bigenho came forward to advocate for the security and safety of the procedure used by him in the video. He mentioned that the procedure is safe when executed by a valid license-holding chiropractor correctly.

Video Faces Wrath Of Public

Various individuals said that without complete authorization and commitment from the patient, the adjustment procedure can not be implemented on anyone. Thus, when a patient gives an explicit agreement on the procedure, he becomes eligible to be provided with the treatment.

The people opposing the procedure remained unabated despite Dr. Bigenho’s explanations to assure and assuage concerns.

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The regulatory bodies of the chiropractic field sparked an inquiry into Dr. Bigenho’s professional conduct when the video was circulated heavily and went viral. Thus, the viral video has become a potential threat to the professional conduct of Dr. Bigenho who is specialized in spine health and alignment.

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