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‘DNA test filter’ Goes Viral On Tiktok, Here’s What It’s All About



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TikTok is an online platform where creators can post short videos, gain followers, and interact. You can also send stars to the creators you like if you want to support them financially. TikTok is known for coming up with weird trends, hashtags, filters, dances, and whatnot.

A while ago the ‘Ceiling’ video was a trend where people stuck their phones on the top to dance underneath, some trends like ‘get ready with me’ caused a lot of deep fakes to come up online, and many more trends!

On that context, the current trend which is going on on Tiktok is the DNA Filter, where people are getting their DNA through a filter which is based on AI Technologies. Some are losing their mind over the results while some results are inaccurate, well duh!

'DNA test filter' Goes Viral On Tiktok, Here's What It's All About

What is ‘DNA test filter’?

The DNA Filter is based on AI which uses the person’s, eye color, face shape, race, color, and ethnicity to channel out a random answer and present it to the user. Over 500k people have already used this filter under the tag, ‘#dnafilter’.

It’s an absolute joy to watch the people try and react to the whole fiasco and it’s a pretty fun interactive filter you could try out with friends and family just for entertainment purposes. The filter is widely accessible to all valid TikTok users.

How To Access The ‘DNA test filter’?

Open Tiktok, hit the magnifying option, or the search bar, type out, ‘DNA test filter’, and you’ll get a range of videos under the tag, open any of those videos available, tap ‘use this effect’, place your phone the perfect angle of the face and get testing! It’s as easy as that.

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It is very important to remember, that this filter is made for fun and entertainment purposes only, it does not provide accurate information regarding people and their DNA.

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