10 Stunning Eid Al-Fitr Mehndi Designs to Elevate Your Celebrations

Eid Al-Fitr is an Islamic festival where the month of Ramadan ends and hence people get to celebrate the whole month and the beginning of their journey. People dress up, stay with their friends and family, and have a gala time together.

They also read the Quran and pray to Allah to give them blessings and love. The festival is a very important one in Islamic culture, and the people celebrate it with full love and passion. To dress up, people tend to dress up in good clothes and also put mehendi on their hands.

Eid is indeed a huge festival in India, celebrated by people with their friends and family alike. Many dishes are served, and people enjoy together.

Mehendi is achieved from a leaf and that paste is called henna. Due to henna, the staining gets created on the hand. It’s like a temporary tattoo that can be customized and made as per the wants of the people. Henna is a very famous way of dressing yourself during the festival season.

Below in this article, we have mentioned the 10 best Mehndi designs which you can check out and apply in your hand to get ready for Eid and have a fun party with your friends and family together.

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10 Eid Al-Fitr Mehndi Designs:

1. Pretty Eid Al-Fitr Mehndi Design

Credit: @sabshennacorner/Instagram

2. Floral

Credit: @mehendi_by_faru/Instagram

3. Gaudy Eid Al-Fitr Mehndi Design

Credit: @mehendi_by_faru/Instagram

4. Feet

Credit: @noor_mehndiartist/Instagram

5. Criss Cross Eid Al-Fitr Mehndi Design

Credit: @mehendi_by_faru/Instagram

6. Simple

Credit: @mehendi_by_faru/Instagram

7. Leaf

Credit: @handy__henna/Instagram

8. Dots Eid Al-Fitr Mehndi Design

Credit: @mehendi_by_faru/Instagram

9. Full Hand

Credit: @noor_mehndiartist/Instagram

10. Fingers Eid Al-Fitr Mehndi Design

Credit: @hennabyfatima2/Instagram

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