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Top 10 Hotshots Original Web Series List Free

Top 10 Hotshots Original Web Series List Free



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HotShots Web Series– Lately, there have been many OTT platforms that offer erotic web series that will keep you hooked to your TV screens. Listed below are gonna be talking about the HotShots web series that should be on your watchlist.

Top 10 HotShots Web Series

1. Typewriter (2019)

HotShots Web Series
Cast:Aarnaa Sharma
Palomi Ghosh
Mikail Gandhi
Crew:Director: Sujoy Ghosh

In this erotic hotshots web series, Maya is an award-winning author who is all set to write her next novel. However, due to her constant imagination, he finds herself in a complicated situation. The cast of the web series features Shikha Sinha, Nehal Vadoliya, and Prince in a leading role. 

2. The Promise (2019)

Best HotShots Web Series
Cast:Yash Gera
Gehana Vasisth
Jeetu Mehta
Crew:Director: soon update

A friend set a small casual date for his friend to get rid of her loneliness. Soon their intimate date shifts to a bedroom and leads to deep bonding. The cast features Yash Gera, Gehana Vasisth, Krish Kapoor, and Jeetu Mehta in a leading role. 

3. Yes I am Hungry (2020)

HotShots Web Series
Cast:Alina Sen
Crew:Director: Ram Tiwari

The story of this HotShots web series revolves around a married couple who are unsatisfied with each other when it comes to physical relations. So the husband decides to hire an escort for him in his hotel room. Watch the web series what happens next. Muskan, Gaurav, Sanket, and Alina have been cast in a leading role. 

4. Online Ishq (2020)

Online Ishq (2020)
Cast:Sharanya Jit Kaur
Farheen Shaikh
Crew:Director: Gehana Vasisth

To test her boyfriend’s loyalty, a girl decides to use a dating app. To her surprise, he meets a beautiful girl on a social media platform and starts dating her. Sharanya Jit Kaur will be seen in a leading role. 

5. Behind The Scene (2020)

Behind The Scene (2020)
Cast:Aditya Banerjee
Sanya Bansal
Crew:Director: Sharmila Banerjee

A group of indebt actors decides to take part in a private scene video. An aspiring director takes the audience to have a look behind the scenes. The cast features Pamit Sony, Mahak Choudhary, Ajit Jha, Praveen Gurjar, Ashish Singh, Priyanka Upadhyay, and Said Khan in leading roles. 

6. Jindagi Jhand Hai (2020)

Cast:Mohit Kesar
Khwahish Matthew
Mohit Mishra
Crew:Director: Gehana Vasisth

The web series is based on a sexual fetish where the husband gets excited by seeing his wife sleeping with another man. Mohit Mishra, Mohit Kesar, Khwahish Matthew and Ashish Soni in a leading role. 

7. Maid For Each Other (2020)

Maid For Each Other (2020)
Cast:Micheal Rana
Gehana Vasisth
Revathy Acharya
Crew:Director: M.J.
Nayim Saifi

A man falls out of love in his marriage and decides to get into a relationship with his maid. All this fiasco, his marriage is on the verge of breakage. The cast of the hit web series includes Gehana Vasisth, Revathy Acharya and Micheal Rana. 

8. Intercourse (2019)

Intercourse (2019)
Anushree Dutta
Akhil Gautam
Crew:Director: Tanveer Hashmi

The web series is best known for its enticing love-making scene that is hard to resist. Akhil Gautam, Vipin Singh and Anushree Dutta in a leading role. 

9. Hello Myself Lilly

Cast:Neha Patil
Crew:Director: Prince K. Kashyap

Lilly is passionate about her cosmetics products and can do anything to achieve success in her business. With time she fails to sell any products. So, her boyfriend comes to the rescue and teaches him communication skills to sell products effectively. The cast features Shrey, Sanjay and Neha in a leading role. 


10. Tera Nasha (2020)

Tera Nasha (2020)
Crew:Director: Tanveer Hashmi

A sweet love story between a fashion designer and a supermodel. With time their love grows crossing boundaries. 

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