Man Sends Video Of His Testicles Blocking The View Of The Solar Eclipse Aired On Live Television

We’re all aware of the solar eclipse that was supposed to happen on April 9, which was a once-in-a-lifetime thing for most of the people alive right now.

People were hyped to check it out.

According to forecasts and data, the eclipse was about to be so huge and lasting that day was about to be turned into night.

News channels and media were set to film and broadcast the eclipse out to their viewers. The eclipse was predominantly visible in North America and Mexico, and obviously, everyone was psyched for it.

The 24/7 news channel was playing the videos that their audiences sent to them on their live TV.

Man Sends Video Of His Testicles Blocking The View Of The Solar Eclipse

One of the videos they played blocked out the eclipse as they were flashed by the clip of a man showing his testicles on live air.

The hosts were shocked, and the male reporter continued to speak and clarify that the videos were from audiences to keep them more engaged and involved with their live TV activity.

Later, the man who put out such a big stunt posted on Twitter with the name ‘Rhevolver’: “Greetings to all my people from Saltillo who had to watch my eggs on television because those from @rcg_media neglected to review the video of the eclipse carefully, I love them.”

According to the local newspaper named La Vanguardia, these pranks are very well-known plans. The male reporter also clarified that airing videos from the audience without reviewing them can cause it to be embarrassing, and that’s actually what happened on live TV. Twitter is having an amazing time with this prank currently.

People are laughing and enjoying this silly prank that has been aired on live television.

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