Mercy Kenneth’s Bathroom Skincare Video Goes Viral on Twitter

Nowadays, anything on the internet can go viral. With that said, Mercy Kenneth’s bathroom Skincare video goes viral on various social media platforms like Twitter, and Reddit. The minute she uploaded it on her channel it went viral generating millions of clicks and attention.

Here we are gonna be diving into the story and find out what the fuss is all about. Keep scrolling- 

The viral Mercy Kenneth bathroom skincare video

As stated above, the Mercy Kenneth video is currently trending on the internet. A few days ago, she posted her skincare routine with her Instagram followers. In the photo, she can be seen standing under the shower while showing the products she likes to use. 

Mercy Kenneth's bathroom video goes viral on the internet. Who is Mercy Kenneth?

She starts by applying soap on her face and then continues to show her other products while wearing a bathrobe. Gradually the video starts to grow in terms of popularity. At the same time, fans noticed her face started to turn red urging her to keep a tab on chemicals she was putting on her face.

In the meantime, the public is eager to see her skincare routine. Despite the debate around it, the video went on to become quite popular among her fanbase. 

Her fans are showing all the love and appreciation by watching her beauty regime. Plus, Mercy’s way of engaging her fans with her content makes her a talented fashion influencer. Her parents have also commented on her video.

Her home country Nigeria has made her a well-known social media influencer and she often promotes elite brands on her social media handles. 


What made Mercy Kenneth’s bathroom skincare video go viral?

Mercy Kenneth’s bathroom skincare video went viral due to her sharing her skincare routine on Instagram, which garnered millions of views and attention on various social media platforms.

What did fans notice while watching Mercy Kenneth’s skincare video?

Fans noticed that her face started to turn red while she was applying the skincare products, leading to a debate about the chemicals she was using on her face.

Why did her video become popular despite the debate around it?

Despite the debate, Mercy Kenneth’s video gained popularity among her fanbase, with her fans showing love and appreciation for her beauty regime and engaging content.

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