WATCH VIRAL VIDEO: Bobby Darling In Feud With Co-Passenger Inside Delhi Metro

A renowned personality who rose to fame due to participating in Bigg Boss, Bobby Darling never ceases to make headlines. Bobby is a former Bigg Boss contestant and well-known actress. Recently she was found in a difficult compromising situation such as harassment.

The actress grabbed the nation’s attention in April 2023 when she approached the Supreme Court for the legalization and rights of recognition of same-sex marriages in India.

Later, Bobby again grabbed the news headlines for her claim that she endured physical and mental assault. However, yet again Bobby Darling had captured the headlines this time but for a different reason.

Bobby Darling’s Fight with Co-Passenger, Video Goes Viral

A video has currently circulating on social media since last night. The video features Bobby Darling, the former Bigg Boss competitor facing difficulties while commuting in the national capital region, Delhi.

The video featuring the former Big Boss contestant went viral on the internet. However, the video went viral for numerous reasons. In the video, the actress could be spotted on the Delhi Metro getting into a physical confrontation with a male passenger.

Former Bigg Boss Contestant, Bobby Darling Video in Delhi Metro Went Viral: See Here

The majority part of the video is unclear. However, Bobby could be seen insulting the passenger. She even yelled at him and kicked her co-passenger as well. Some CISF personnel could be spotted interfering shortly after the situation was exacerbated.

In the video, Bobby Darling could be spotted wearing black trousers with a red kurta and a red dupatta. The actress became aggressive with her male co-passenger, for reasons known to her only.

Former Bigg Boss Contestant, Bobby Darling Video in Delhi Metro Went Viral: See Here

Who is Bobby Darling and Why is She making headlines?

The former Big Boss contestant previously appeared in the headlines when she filed an FIR against Ramnik Sharma, her husband.

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A user wrote, “That’s harassment, why the hell was the policeman doing?” While another wrote, “Abusing and hitting people in front of kids, what impression is she setting?” Another netizen wrote, “Delhi Metro never fails to entertain, this time it’s Bobby Darling.”


What is the recent viral video of Bobby Darling about?

The video shows Bobby in a physical confrontation on the Delhi Metro with a male passenger.

Why did Bobby Darling approach the Supreme Court in April 2023?

She approached the Supreme Court to advocate for the legalization and recognition of same-sex marriages in India.

Who did Bobby Darling file an FIR against in the past?

Darling filed an FIR against her husband, Ramnik Sharma, in the past.

What were people’s reactions to Bobby’s viral video on the Delhi Metro?

People had various reactions, with some expressing concern about the incident and others finding it entertaining or inappropriate behavior.

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