Rich Campbell Files Defamation Lawsuit Against Azalia Lexi After Sexual Assualt Allegations

Rich Campbell files $3.6 million defamation suit against Azalia Lexi. Attorney emphasizes determination for justice amid unproven accusations and online campaigns.

The former executive co-owner of OTK (or One True King), Rich Campbell has filed a defamation case allegedly against Azalia Lexi. The defamation lawsuit filed is worth $3.6 million. In December 2022, Azalia Lexi a fellow streamer accused Rich Campbell of a sexual assault. When the allegations surfaced online and spread all over the internet, from the Austin-based OTK, the streamer stepped down from his position.

In a YouTube video, Henry Resilient, a YouTuber claimed that this is not the first case of defamation filed by Rich Campbell. Rather, excluding this, the former executive co-owner of OTK has filed defamation cases against ten other individuals whose identities are veiled. However, Rich has not confirmed the accusation raised against him yet.


The YouTuber Henry Resilient stated, “What if I told you Rich Campbell did not write this tweet (Rich’s apology tweet)? What if Rich did not believe that posting it was truly resigning from the organization he helped found, and helped grow and that he did not agree to leave the organization? Today, you will finally get Rich Campbell’s side of the story, in the form of a defamation lawsuit filed against Azalia Lexi.”

What Rich Campbell’s Attorney Has To Say!

Brian Turner, Rich Campbell’s attorney said that following the allegations raised against him, the life of the streamer was devastated and dismantled completely. In a media outlet, the attorney said, “Rich Campbell dedicated his entire adult life to creating content and building one of the most successful brands in the Twitch sphere.”


Moreover, Turnauer added, “All of that work was dismantled in a matter of hours when a woman with whom he had a consensual sexual relationship became enraged after he refused to pursue a more committed relationship and posted false statements on social media meant to destroy Mr. Campbell’s life and livelihood.”

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As per Rich’s attorney Turnauer, currently the former is highly determined to get justice. Not just for himself, but rather the streamer is ready to stand and ask for justice for all those people who are the victims of unproven accusations, online revenge campaigns, and lies.

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