Hoover High School Lockdown: Alabama Police Responded, No Threats Found

The Hoover High School in Alabama has been put under lockdown. In connection with the accident, a juvenile student has been detained. On Thursday afternoon, an incident occurred in Alabama at Hoover High School, reported TimesNow.

Police announced that shortly after 1.45p.m., they responded to the school and placed the school on lockdown. 

Police said they responded to the school shortly after 1.45p.m. and placed the school on lockdown.

In a Facebook Post, the police stated, “On April 11, 2024, at approximately 1:46 PM, Hoover High School officials and Hoover Police School Resource Officers at the school were notified by students of a suspicious person on campus who was making threats of violence.”

The police further added, “A lockdown of the school was initiated while Hoover Police officers investigated the complaint. Officers located the person, who was identified as a juvenile student and quickly detained them.”

The campus was searched thoroughly by the police. Police could not find any weapons on the campus, hence the lockdown was lifted. 

Police said, “A thorough search of the campus was conducted, and no weapons were located. Once the campus was determined to be safe, the lockdown was lifted and students were dismissed.”

Currently, the incident is under thorough investigation by police detectives. Additional information about the search details will be released by police when it becomes available.

Original Story Of Hoover High School Lockdown

According to Fox News, a potential threat was anticipated on the campus of Hoover High School. Thus, the school was put on lockdown. 

On Thursday afternoon, police responded at the school when a student reported spotting a suspicious individual on the campus. 

Along with the police officials, the Hoover Police Department was also involved in the investigation of the incident. The lockdown has also been downgraded to the lowest level. 

Until now, no threat to the staff or the students could be found.

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